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    Gaming and Video Editing Build 2018

    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to build a gaming, streaming, and video editing battle station
    First off budget is $5000 I was shipping my computer back for repair, and UPS completely destroyed it and has issued me a check for the cost of the unit. So now I want to build my own.
    I am currently on the Samsung CHG90 Monitor, and dont need a new mouse or keyboard. So all budget can go to the PC
    I am just looking for advice and tips as this will be my first build I do myself heres what I have so far.
    CPU: Intel Core I9 7940x 14 Core
    GPU: Either waiting for the new 1180 or a Titan XP collectors Edition Card
    MotherBoard: Need advice here what is the best board I can get, I like RGB but performance is the main focus. There have been many new boards and I just need some guidance as to which is the way to go.
    Ram: 64 GB G Skill Trident Z RGB 8X8 or the 4X8 whichever gives better performance
    Cooling: Nzxt Kraken x72, HI150, or a custom water Loop that I build myself, whatever is recommended
    Power Supply: EVGA 1000-1200 watts
    This is just the bare necessities, theres other things I would love to add and I want suggestions for a crazy build. Let me know what you guys think, and what your opinions are
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