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    Maximus VII Ranger USB 3.0 connectors

    Hello guys, i have a question regarding USB 3.0 connectors on a motherboard Maximus VIII Ranger.
    Does anyone know if there's any difference between USB3_12 and USB3_34 ? They are both USB 3.0 connectors but i'm unsure whether there is any difference, as the manual suggests to place it in the USB3_12, but perhaps just cause it's the first one? I'm asking cause it would be far far better for me to place it on the other one due to case layout and a problem with the USB3_12. So if there's any difference i'd love to know so that i can spend some hours trying to fix it, otherwise it would be wasted time.

    Thank you.

    edit : I spelled VII instead of VIII in the thread name but i can't seem to be able to fix it, so just clarifying there
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