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    pch fan wont turn

    I'm very confused about this fan.
    Before upgrading bios ( prior 1100 release) it work fine.
    Now it wont turn.
    I've selected all pch fan modes but nothing.
    ( my double cpu fans Noctua nd14 lga 2011 cooler) stop turning after bios upgrade ( the only way to resolve this bug is to disable Q.Fan mode) but for pch fan nothing ( i've a sli configuration and i don't know if pch fan is automatic disabled if a gfx card is placed on it).
    Someone could help me ?

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    Walter please start your own thread as it is too easy for people to miss your question when it is in a older thread. I nearly did not look because I know this one is old and answered.

    I have moved your post so it can get the attention it needs.

    Welcome by the way.

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