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    The "I Got My PG27UQ" Thread: Discussions/Thoughts

    A new thread to discuss the panel now that it's out and in the hands of early(ish) adopters.

    Like others, I've been waiting for this thing to become a reality since we first saw a glimpse of it during the summer of 2016(!) Yeah, it was that far back, remember? I'm friends with gamer YouTuber LevelCap; he and I have been discussing this very panel for the better part of a year. I figured he'd get an early one so that he could do a review of it, and sure enough his video of it appeared on YouTube last week. He hadn't given me a heads up that he received the panel (from NewEgg, not from Asus), and I proceeded to call him all sorts of names. :-) I did notice that he named his video improperly: "Asus PG27U" ... he'd forgotten the 'Q'. When I called him on it, he said, "That's what Asus put on the box!" Well, it's wrong.

    Once I realized (via LevelCap) that NewEgg was actually accepting pre-orders, I clicked the button and got on the list for my "July 13" shipment. Then I started reading reviews on NewEgg, and someone mentioned, "I went to my local Microcenter and picked it up..." The moment I read that, I logged into Microcenter's site, changed location to my local store and: BAM! they had 6 of them in stock! I quickly reserved one for pickup the following morning.

    When I got there Sunday morning, I saw that the pickup counter had 3 of them already reserved. Gee... think this thing is in demand? :-) Sure enough, like LevelCap had said, the box is improperly labeled. The sticker on it is correct, but the logo is incorrect:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I guess Asus has something against Qs. :-)

    Enough of that. It's home, mounted on my stand in place of my previous PG278Q (which served me well for 4 years!) and I'm gaming in 4K. Some notes:
    • The fan noise is annoying. Very much so. It's a small fan spinning at a bzillion RPMs and you can hear it clear as day. Bad design there, Asus. I get that the components in the panel case can get hot. Find a higher quality fan that can spin at lower RPMs, or one that makes less noise spinning faster.
    • I can't comment on HDR because: I don't care. I haven't tried it and likely won't. It's of no real consequence to me right now.
    • God damn are the games I'm playing GORGEOUS in 4K!
    • Rainbow Six Siege is quite challenging to keep a triple-digit frame rate in 4K. I always turn AA and AO off because: who needs them? But even with those off and a few of the other details lowered away from the top setting, I'm having some difficulty with Siege. It's a very old and unoptimized engine and I don't ever expect that to change.
    • Battlefield 1 is, on the other hand, easy-mode to get into 4K. I have everything pinned to "Ultra" except AA and AO (again). I also have a soft-limit of 140FPS to keep the panel in its GSync sweet spot. In just about every case, BF1 just happily pins itself right to 140FPS and off I go. It's beautiful!

    I'm sold on it. Yeah, it was costly at $2K. But IMHO: worth it. While I was at Microcenter, I picked up 2 27" LG 4K panels to act as R/L flank displays, to replace my very old 1440p panels. It took me a long while to make it to 4K, but the wait was worth it. Playing on that new display is soooooooo nice.

    What have others found?
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