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    My spider sense is telling me that this problem is related to this one:

    And if it is, it is definitely something wrong with BIOS 1103 and anything related to RGB.

    Next BIOS should include a proper LED FIRMWARE update, solving all of this.

    What I don't understand, is that I used BIOS 1103 since it was released and this never happened to me before, with my Seasonic 1000w Platinum. And it suddenly started when I changed the PSU to the NZXT 700w...


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    Solved to me

    Fellows, I had the same problem, but finally was solved.
    When I first assembled the mobo and installed the windows 10, I had no problems at all
    Then, I installed Asus Grid with a lot drivers and some tools. At this moment, my problem started. 45 min to boot, with same message.
    I tried update BIOS, nothing
    tried disable Aura on windows software, nothing
    tried update other drivers, nothing
    looked for more information on internet, almost nothing
    well, at that time I thought to rewirte the bios using the DVD that comes, using procedure to recover corrupted BIOS.
    I Turned off and connected the DVD drive.I entered on bios setup, and before try the DVD I tried also update BIOS from Internet direclty from BIOS setup, which booted the mobo and gave me the answer that firmware was already updated. After that, on Windows, I installed AI Suite 3 and EZupdate, tried disable Aura. Boot again, entering on bios setup again.
    Well, I tried to disable the aura (on bios) and changed value to enable virtualization. Booted, and then no more problem.
    I am not sure if was disabling aura on bios, or a combination of changes, or a sequence, but it is working for me right now. I will not try to enable aura again until be sure what is the problem.

    Just forgot to say. Mine is a B450-i, 32GB RAM Corsair Vengeance 2666, NVM Samsung EVO 970
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