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    Asus Maximus X Apex New Bios will not allow MCE (Turbo) on stock 8700k

    Hi all,

    Just flashed to the new 1401 BIOS from Asus and selected optimized defaults. I then switched on XMP.

    Everything is set to Auto, I am not OC'ing.
    Multicore Enhancement is set to Auto
    CPU Core Ratio is Set to Auto

    I notice that under load (Cinebench, Intelburn test) the max freqency of all processors limit at 4.3 ghz instead of 4.7 (which is what turning on MCE should enable).

    What am I doing wrong?



    8700K Stock
    Asus Maximus Apex X
    GSkill Trident Z 2x8gb 3200-14's
    Windows 10 set to high performance power setting

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