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    is it safe to run over 1.35 dram voltage on 8700k z370 24/7

    hi, my last build was a intel 950 and back then it was very specific not to go over 1.35 dram memory voltage.

    im asking with these coffe lake cpu's is it safe to use dram 24/7 at voltages higher then 1.35 and the cpu still last 5years? doesnt have to last 10yrs as il polly sell it by then but want to atleast get 5yrs out of it
    Asus Hero Maximus Z370, intel 8700k Corsair c16-18-18-36 vengence 3200mhz 750evga PSU rx580gpu

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    Lower voltages are always better. I would ask how much over 1.35v? I don't see your exact memory module part number listed in your sig or specs, but typically 1.35v is the rated voltage for Vengeance XMP 3200MHz profile and you should have no issues achieving that with your mobo/CPU combo at that voltage.

    The thing is there's no way to predict with any guarantee the properties of your CPU silicon and IMC and degradation over time.
    With that said and at your own risk, if you can stay within +/- 1%, you should probably be OK for daily use.

    Have a look here
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    You should be fine with dram v up to 1.45 v
    5 years is a lifetime for PC, if you that concerned about longevity leave all settings on factory defaults, performance gains of memory speed from default 2133 to 3200 mhz is very small

    Are you having any specific stability issues?

    I see SilentScone is helping you in another thread, he is very knowledgeable, you can trust his recommendations

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