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    FX504GE - No buttons in the touch pad.

    Hi everyone,

    Does the touch pad have left and right buttons in it?
    I couldn't get my hands to another FX504GE to find that out and
    the reviews I watched over YouTube didn't help either.

    My FX504GE shows a layout that implies the availability of
    left and right buttons in the Touch Pad but pressing in that part
    of the Touch Pad doesn't produce the expected effect: having a click performed!.

    So, does FX504GE comes with Touch Pad buttons?

    Below you can find hardware profile.

    Best Regards,


    Full model name under the notebook (usually next to the serial number): "TUF GAMING FX504GE_FX80GE"

    Bios version: FX504GE.310

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz

    Memory amount in GB: 8 GB

    GPU: GP107M [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mobile]

    SSD/HDDs/Optical drives: Micron_1100_MTFD ATA Disk 255MiB SATA m.2

    AC Adapter: Original ASUS ADP-120RH

    Operating system: Original ASUS factory image with updates

    Microsoft Activated: yes

    Drivers Installed (include version and especially any non-ASUS approved notebook drivers): no

    Any third Party temp/voltage software installed: no

    System Overclocked (provide details)? no

    Any hardware upgraded? no
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    Well, after chatting with ASUS support it was determined that my notebook is a faulty one, without Touch Pad buttons.

    My first notebook and it is faulty. Well, I can not do the RMA stuff right now. I'll see when it will get repaired.

    I even asked the guys at the place where I bought it to give me another and keep this one

    but they placed lame excuses about passing some amount of days after purchase.

    So between ASUS releasing a faulty notebook and my reseller not willing to change it with another,

    I got stuck in the middle. I bought it because I needed to use it, not for testing and sending to repair.

    Does ASUS test thoroughly its products before hitting the market? It seems not.

    I mean, it's the Touch Pad for Christ sake, it can't be that hard to check before sending to sale.

    What conclusion a customer could arrive after such a first experience with a product regarding a brand?

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    If it's a recent purchase I am surprised the retailer/reseller does not replace it with another one right away. How many day's since purchase? What is the reseller offering you if not a replacement?

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