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    Maximus XI Hero + i9-9900k - please help me make sense of voltages


    so I have this combo and managed to get a nice stable 5.0 overclock with AVX 0, 4.7 cache ratio.

    The only way I "kinda" understand what happens is offset mode. I have offset set to +0.1. At idle it shows 1.26 vcore, at load it drops to 1.22 vcore. VID meanwhile shows 1.273. This is with LLC6. This 1.26 -> 1.22 drop makes sense to me, I can understand that. So I think my vdroop is 0.04.

    Now, first of all, is "vcore" the actual voltage I should be looking at and ignore VID? VID is what offset gets applied to?

    So now I think, Ok, I need 1.22 vcore to show up under load to be stable. And I know that it drops 0.04 under load. So I go to bios, set manual mode and enter 1.26 thinking I would get the same. Except that it boots up to 1.26 idle as expected, but then under load it drops to 1.2, then 1.19, then 1.181, then 1.73 and crashes. Of course it crashes, it's good 0.05 under where I want it to be. So now 1.26 -> 1.73 vdroop seems insane at LLC6. To compensate that I need to add 0.05v, and that would make the CPU idle at 1.31!

    I'm not even talking about adaptive mode which I completely do not understand (what is offset in adaptive mode if you already specify the voltage you want??)

    Am I missing something obvious?


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