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    G751 + Cooling Pad: Effect?

    Hey guys! I bought a Cooler Master cooling pad for my G751JY. I didn't have any heat problems to begin with, but I thought I'd grab it when I saw it on sale the other day, never hurts to cool down a few extra degrees.

    I started using it yesterday, and I don't quite think I see any effect on my CPU temps.

    If you're using a cooling pad with your G751 laptop, what are your experiences? Does it offer any benefit? To my knowledge, the G751's air intake isn't at the bottom anyway, but I thought it might provide some cool-down anyway.

    Also, my temps are usually between 55 and 60 degrees while doing my daily work, having one Windows 10 VM (VirtualBox), Thunderbird, Opera, GIMP, file manager, Skype and a handful of other programs open at the same time on Linux Mint. Where do your CPU temps usually hover when you're not gaming?

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