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    Okay...Just bought a Samsung 512GB 970 PRO NVMe M.2 last week and took the G20cb apart over the weekend. I have a pic and a screenshot to share but uploading is not working for me. I was able to remove the disk tray without removing the cpu cooler by gently lifting the radiator slightly and carefully. So with the M.2 installed and the G20cb back together I proceeded to mess around the BIOS. The M.2 slot was already "ENABLED" as purchased. Maybe it's just me but I could not get anything to show that a M.2 had been detected in the BIOS, so I let it boot off the Toshiba 1.81TB drive that the unit came with. I then installed the Samsung NVM_Express_Driver_3.1 and let the machine reboot. I then attempted to use the Samsung Data Migration Software to clone the M.2. But this failed with an error saying the Toshiba could not be defragmented...huh??? Say what??? I proceeded to "Computer Management / Storage / Disk Management" and lo and behold there's the 970 PRO. I thus made it "ONLINE", then initialized, made it a GUID, assigned a drive letter and did a quick format. Windows File Explorer now recognized the M.2 as a legit drive ready for use. Now back into the BIOS where I still could not find any evidence of a M.2 drive in which to install Windows 10.

    So feeling like my back was up against a wall I "DISABLED" the SATA controller and having stuck my "RESCUE" Windows 10 USB Flash Drive in, I exited with a save. The machine went directly into flash drive rescue mode where I allowed it proceed even tho there was nothing to indicate which drive would be receiving the O/S. Now when the Windows O/S installation begins the machine is going thru some kind of restoration mode when half way thru it issues a "WARNING" that I must choose if I want to rewrite the MTB ??? which will have all kinds of disastrous effects. Naahhh...Esc time...

    So it proceeded to install Windows 10. On the final boot after the BIOS screen I never even saw the little dots that dance around a circle...the screen just flashed to my wallpaper. OMG !!! 1 second...two tops...from BIOS screen to Wallpaper...use to take 50-55sec... Launched "EDGE" and went right to the Samsung website to download and reinstall the NVMe driver. Samsung Magician reports 3,397mb/sec. 35 times faster than the Toshiba.

    Seems to be working fine...What a neat machine !

    Hey ASUS why are you selling G20's with anything else ???
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