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    ASUS Maximus QFans OPTIMIZE ALL runs hotter and less GFLOPS than QFans SILENT

    What's up with this Asus guys?


    Maximus X Apex (Non Oc, everything Auto, only XMP enabled (MCE on auto and Sync All cores NOT enabled)
    Cooler Master ML240R
    Gskill 3200 14C (2x8)
    Win 10 64

    1. I set the ASUS BIOS QFans to OPTIMIZE ALL FANS.

    It calibrated the fans and set the values manually depending on what it found.(AIO to DC mode and full ofcourse, chassis fans to PWM mode).

    These were the temps I got running IBT (second run through and saving exactly as the 8th round completed)

    2. I went back into the BIOS and set all QFans to Silent mode (PWM) (apart from the AIO ofcourse, that is still DC mode and full power)

    Again, run IBT once a few rounds to heat the system up, then let it run 8 rounds and save exactly on the 8th.

    This was the result:

    Right click -> open image in new tab to see the higher GFLOPS on Silent fan mode.

    As you can see setting QFans to Auto and Silent mode yields higher GFLOPS and lower temps than letting the Maximus X Apex motherboard calibrate the fans itself.

    How can that be?
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