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    Fans still spinning after shut down


    After getting myself in a bit of a pickle earlier with not being able to POST, i'm back with the same problem i've been trying to solve for a while. Not every time, but quite often, after I shut down the PC my fans (all of them it looks like) will keep spinning and the only way to power PC off properly is to hold down power button. This has happened through several BIOS versions but the problem is getting worse, maybe 50/50 it happens. Today CMOS has been cleared and BIOS reset still happening. Fast boot disabled in BIOS and WIN 10, power button set to switch off in WIN 10.

    It's an ASUS ROG Ranger VIII with a I5 4460 and 16gb (4 sticks) of Corsair DDR4 3200.

    I've done a fair bit of searching and not found a solution yet! Any help appreciated!
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