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    Intel i7 8700k z370-E Cpu cooler suggestion for 5ghz clock speeed

    Hi Guys

    I am currently running the below spec.

    CPU: Intel I7 8700k
    Cooler: Corsair H100I v2 in push pull mode. 2 pull stock fans and 2 push cooler master slick flow 2000Rpm Fans.
    MB: Asus z370-e Gaming series
    RAM: Adata DDR 4 2800Mhz
    SSD: Adata XPG 8000 nvme m.2 256gb R:2.1GB/s W:1.2GB/s
    SSD1: Corsair 128gb SSD R:550MB/s W: 515MB/s
    SSD2: Intel 180 GB ssd. R: 515MB/s W: 505MB/s
    HDD2,3,4: 3x 2tb wd , Seagate hdd
    GPU: Zotac gtx 1080 Mini
    PSU: Corsair RMX750
    case: Thermaltake core x71 tempered glass both sides.


    OC: XMP
    MCE: off
    SVID: Best case scenario
    LLC: level 4
    Core CPU: 1.23V

    so its running stock oc' ie 4.3ghz all the time.

    Now avg temps is 45-65. While gaming 70-81 degree celcius

    but when i manually set to 4.5 @ 1.26 or 4.9 @ 1.3v the temps hits like 100 easily i have to shut it off. But these were cpu stress testing.

    I wanted to know if changing my cooler from h100i in push pull to h150i push pull can allow me to oc to 4.8 or 5ghz below 1.28v and keep it cooler like under 80 degree is my deemed max temp as possible.

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