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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    Pretty much any warranty from a tricycle to a hot tub and everything in between state in the warranty that any item found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturers descretion.
    Every outlet that sell a product is by definition a distributor. People are just offering you alteratives. I always make sure that the return policy for any and all significant purchases is a liberal one. Cant speak for India but in the US most places will give an exchange for at least 2 weeks, some 30 days. Some places like Costco wont give you an exchange but they will give full refunds for 2 years then you can buy the same product or something else.

    I hope you are able to reach a resolution
    Agreed and even with the Spirery1 that they should change it.

    Also the latest update, now its full 1 month from my date of purchase but the laptop is still not replaced/repaired yet.

    Theirs ervice center guy picked the laptop from me almost 15-20 days ago from now and few days back he came back to me saying that it has now been repaired (motherboared changed completely) and when in front of him, I again tested the laptop, it was still having same heating issues. CPU temps were going to 95 degree C and he again took it from me at the same time itself. Now again 4 days has been passed but no reply from them, I keep calling their service center but they always want me to wait and wait and wait for the whole year I think now.

    Hope I could get any help, else I will have to visit consumer court here which will take kind of a longer time but will definitely resolve my issue.

    Rajat Samdani

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