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    @Greg - Asus gives you plenty of hours of fun! Why worry about getting a stable OC when the factory settings won't even work? Asus makes things screwed to help us all improve our trouble shooting skills, while understanding that we will never truly be happy in life with material goods...

    Since launch the BIOS have been wonky...and always a comprimise. One thing gets fixed while breaking another. This forces you to prioritize and make hard choices about what you can sacrifice. All valuable life skills courtesy of Asus.
    None of my onboarding headers worker after one of the bios updates last year - Corsair AIO, Corsair PSU, EVGA case, or NZXT internal USB 2.0 hub controller. After sending my motherboard in to be repaired and getting it back two months later, i still had the same issue and began seeing comments from others about the BIOS being the issue - not hardware.

    Since then, my case now seems to work *most* of the time - though USB devices seem to disconnect and reconnect even when none are plugged in.

    Corsair still doesn't work in terms of USB onboard. Instead I grabbed a couple USB cables with Type A end and plugged them right into the normal USB ports (my case has a vertical GPU cutout I run cables through to go outside of the case).

    Asus' AISuite3 breaks too many program, doesn't keep settings, wants me to retest my fans setup every other day, and cant detect my AIO connected to the AIO header. And when I try to use Fan Xpert, it doesn't detect Corsair ML140 fans connected to the Asus fan extender I bought Noctuas. They detect but cant be adjusted.. And then it crashes my computer while retesting the fans which haven't changed since the past 6 times Fan Xpert lost the plot. So I tried other brands - same result seems strange I got literally 26 bad fans in a row and not a single one this motherboard will play nicely with via Fan Xpert.

    I tried to live with AISuite3, but it is just terrible for stability and overall mental health. Without AISuite, I can run Corsair iCUE software which will detect Corsair devices (admittedly via ghetto'd USB cables running out onto the back of the I/O), as EVGA also likes to have buggy software for fans, my cases controller is uncontrolled..

    So I got a couple Noctua triple fan controllers, ran a few splitters as well, and can deal up/down all push on one knob amd all pull on the other.

    Is it as convenient?

    Elegant? Nope.

    Cost effective?

    But it works perfectly - which AISuite most certainly does not. Asus shouldn't be able to even claim this as a feature as it is most certainly a bug.

    Now if they decide to get the USB headers working, my motherboard would be fully operational just in time for the next generation of AMD CPU's to be released....oh that means Asus has new MB too? Frick...this thing will never get fixed.....

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