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    Quote Originally Posted by Conenubi701 View Post
    OP updated, time to play with this bios

    This has been a known issue with Corsair. It's not an ASUS specific issue since it still happens on the Z370 Gigabyte boards.
    Respectfully, if that's the case then why does it only occur on some BIOS, but not other? The Corsair hardware remains the same, the software remains the same, Windows et al. remains the same, the only thing that's changed are the BIOS. I appreciate the problem being limited to Corsair products, but the fact remains that it's something ASUS is changing that causes the problem to crop up.

    So what should I do? Because for the time being the only solution I can think of it just to continue not updating my BIOS until ASUS does something different. =/

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