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    Crosshair VII Wi-FI reading temperatures wrong 3700x ventilators issue.. how to fix?


    From what I understood Ryzen master is the only program reading the CPU temperatures right. My CPU sits at about 31 to 35 celcius in there, but the Asus board (Fan xpert4) reads at the same moment that the temperature sits at 52 celcius. AMD said that only the Ryzen Master is showing the correct degrees. So okay.. no problem.

    What is a problem is that the ventilators respond on the asus board readout, so they constantly boost up when I open Notepad or open an internet browser, it shoots up to 62 celcius and falls back to 51 a little later. Super annoying, even with silent wings 3. I tried setting a silent profile or having a delay of around 8+ seconds, but it does not matter, it just keeps doing it.

    Is there anyway how I can fix this? imagine it's like you press a gas pedal in your car, let it go and repeat constantly but in this case it's the ventilation.

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