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    Undervolting help for my gl502vm


    I have an ASUS ROG Gl502VM with i7 7700 hq and GTX 1060. It showed high temps while playing games like pubg upto 90C+. So i read on the forums that it was on of the persistent issues which requires undervolting so i decided to give it a try and oh boy did it exceed my expectations on GPU. The temps dropped from 80+ to 60-65 while playing PUBG. Oh boy and did the CPU break all the expectations the CPU did not drop the temps and instead started showing spikes of upto 98C on only 2 cores while the other two were atleast 20C below. After I turned off TURBO the temp spikes stopped but the temps were still high upto 88C. I need help on how to properly undervolt and need some help on what i m doing wrong. Attached is all my settings and the temps at idling which show spikes.

    Please note- The temp spikes are only on 2 of the 4 cores. So the temp spikes are also due to these 2 cores.



    TS FIVR-

    Help me out

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