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    ***PROPER 1/0 COVER DESIGN**** For Z270G and any other compatible boards FILE INSIDE

    This should be a sticky at the top!

    After spending a little over a year of sending countless emails and messages to Asus support via, email, Facebook, and the Shapeways store I have finally gotten someone to respond. Mind you it has taken every bit of 2 months to finish this process but there upper level design engineers have finally redesigned the I/O Cover for the Z270G STRIX. It should be compatible with any other board that should have used the same design also.

    The problem with their original design is once installed it blocked the ability to use the top pci-e lane which just so happens to be the x16 lane. Why? Because they made the lower screw mount internal and it was boxed in which in turn blocked the ability to use the pci slot directly below all the I/O connections. How this even passed the R&D department to begin with I have no idea considering something like this is a game breaker.

    The new design takes away the enclosed box design where the screws mounting tab was located internally and instead adds a mounting tab externally to where it sits below any card you would have installed in the top pci-e slot in turn allowing the use of said slot for a gpu etc.

    What I still don't understand with this whole deal is they still have the old design files on the download page and they also still have the old design on the Asus by Asus Shapeways page. I told them this 3 weeks ago and it's still the same even after I received two different emails after telling them. So I guess that's just how they want to roll with it considering it's been this long they have had an improper design available for everyone to print or spend money on ordering just to find out it's useless in the end.

    So without further delay I'll bring you the files they emailed me so you yourself can get the proper printout I/O cover. I myself haven't printed it since I got tired of waiting over a year and purchased a damaged z270E and robbed it's I/O Cover along with making the light work with a RGB strip.

    I've attached a screen shop from Autodesk Viewer to show the redesign on the lower mounting piece. See the zip download for the 3 files.
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