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    My RMA Nightmare with GL503VS Warning to anyone considering ASUS

    I purchased a ROG GL503VS in March 2018 it was great and was very happy with it. After 2 months the cpu fan suddenly stopped working, no air or heat coming from left vent (cpu would over heat doing anything even Windows updates). Got an RMA# after describing the problem to ASUS support over the phone, I also expressed concern that my laptop was in perfect cosmetic condition and was worried I would get it back with signs it had been opened up/worked on. They said it would be returned in the exact condition as it was sent in, on June 12 I inspected it and sent it in clean and in perfect condition.

    On June 27 I received the laptop back from the ASUS repair center which is a pretty good turn around time. After 2 weeks w/o gaming I was eager to inspect my unit and get back to Far Cry 5. After unpacking it the first thing I noticed was the screen was filthy with dust, fingerprints and covered in small white splatter dots. To make things worse there was a 6" scratch across the center of the screen that had left a path through the dust on the screen. After a lot of time with a screen cleaning kit I got most of the scratch mark off but there are still 4 small nicks about an inch apart where the scratch had been. Looking at the rest of it I found light scratches on the aluminum lid, finish worn off black screws, service hatch cover screw completely rounded off, a couple small pry marks from separating the case. During start up it was clear that the left speaker is now blown, it will crackle with the volume as low as 15% with any base.

    After a couple days of testing the cpu fan was working, temps are all back to normal but now I have all these new issue's. Contacted ASUS support again and was told to send it back for another RMA. I told them that I will not ship it to the place that had caused all this damage, they said they would escalate the claim and a supervisor would call me the following day. More than a week goes by with no response from ASUS. On July 10th I called again this time more frustrated and asked to speak with a supervisor then explained everything a second time. He stated he would talk to the higher ups and see what options he could provide me, he said there would be an email from him immediately after the call and to respond to it with pictures of the damage, he would get back to me in 2 days.

    Today July 15th received an email with directions for filing a claim for SHIPPING damages that occurred after a repair. Seriously? At this point I have zero confidence ASUS will make this right. This was my first ASUS laptop and it will be my last.

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