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    Asus Rog Aura Terminal software questions (Halo)

    The Asus ROG Aura Terminal device should be releasing soon. It was supposed to release in the first half of this year 2018. It's been up for pre-order on the UK Overclockers website for a while. It basically appears to be Asus' first attempt at a Lightpack clone. You plug it into your PC and attach LED strips to it. Those LED strips get attached to the back of your monitor or wherever, and they shine the colors from the edges of your monitor onto the wall.

    It's an immersive/ambient reactive lighting system. It seems like it might be better than the Lightpack PC because I think the Lightpack only supports 1080p and 120Hz and I think the LED strips of the Lightpack can only display one color at a time. Whereas the Asus Terminal LED strips seem to be individually addressable.

    I have some questions about this new device though and its software which is called 'Halo'. I couldn't find these answers on the website. What resolutions and refresh rates does the Terminal support? I have a 1440p 144Hz 27" BenQ monitor. Does the lighting work when an application/game is being used in Fullscreen mode? Devices like the Lightpack PC only work in Windowed mode I think which is annoying because you lose performance/FPS. Finally, how much does using the Terminal affect overall PC performance? It will use system CPU resources from my understanding, but I don't know how much.

    Also, it seems like a really great first device from Asus. My only wish is that it had an HDMI port and maybe also a DisplayPort so it could be used with modern consoles and PC users had another easier way to use it.

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