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    Asus ROG GU501GM Low GPU Usage/Power limit thottling

    So i purchased a ROG GU501GM from best buy on June 23. It has a i7-8750H and a GTX 1060 which is okay for playing games but when I tested it it didnt perform as it would normally do.

    After I downloaded my games into it my framerate isnt as good compared to similarly spec'd laptops on the internet. I downlaoded Intel Extreme Tunnig Utility and it occasionally shows "Yes" on Power Limit Throttling.

    I have also used MSI Afterburner and the Percaplimit is Power and Voltage. Same goes to GPU-z (perfcapreason is Power and voltage). I also notice the may GPU usage will hover about 50-70% only and rarely goes up to 90% in PUBG

    I tried many fixes like putting nvidia settings to max performance, reinstalling drivers and reinstalling OS.

    Do you have any suggestions in fixing this?

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