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    This computer sucks ROG GL553VD

    I feel like a big sucker buying this thing. I do video editing and this was suppose to be my take it with me computer to do that. But the Track pad is junk so I have to have a mouse and that too makes things go much slower slower than the track pad with its movable buttons for left and right click that interchange them selves at will. I edited a 2 hr movie and it took me 2 hrs when on my other computer it would have taken 20 minutes because everything works like it should. And then Windows 10 and its updates that dont work and keep trying to install even after they failed 10 times.
    What a piece of **** this thing is.
    I will be telling all my friends about crummy this computer is with its pregnant pauses and disappearing scroll bars and all the other crap that is useless and cost you a lot of time when editing. i am sorry i ever wasted 1200 on this piece of ****.
    Oh and Asus does not help they keep apologizing

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    First of all, GL553VD is a great piece of work.
    8.5 of 10 in my opinion.

    Secondly, a laptop trackpad is not suitable for any kind of tasks.
    I always use a (wireless) mouse for any laptop

    And finally, video editing on a 15.6 inch monitor is quite a bad idea (at least for your eyes).
    Use a 24 inch monitor or something bigger.

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