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    Question Can't Install Windows 7 on GL703GS-E5011

    Hello, I recently purchased an Asus Rog Strix Scar Edition GL703GS-E5011 Laptop, which comes without SO. I must say I have a bit of experience with computers, but it's the first time I do a clean install through UEFI (care to say the laptop doesn't have an optical reader).

    Prior to the purchase I already had a Windows 7 legit license, so I tried installing it through a bootable USB with a Win7 image using Rufus. At first it didn't recognise the device, but it eventually did somehow after changing the partition type of the USB (MBR/GPT). I have already read other threads of the same model and topic: pressing ESC to select a boot device, changing SATA mode altough I only had one option (AHCI) to choose from, disabling Safe Boot, and I can't even disable nor enable CSM mode because it's simply doesnt appear anywhere. My BIOS version is 301.

    When it eventually did recognize the device as a bootable one, it moved on to a "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD" or something similar, but when I did press any key, it went on to the BIOS without really doing anything. I think I rearranged the USB again with MBR this time (I think), and it finally got to initiating loading windows packages and got to the "Starting Windows" part, but then it just always freezes, it doesn't even beging to load when it gets there.

    At this point I'm not really sure what to do, or even if it's an issue of the USB device or the laptop itself, since the BIOS isn't really helping. Now I'm trying with another USB, but right now it still suffers to recognize it.

    Edit: I tried with another USB on MBR and got the same problem: freezing on "Starting Windows".
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