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    (Solved) GM501GS questions

    I have a few question about the GM501GX-XS74.
    1. Thunderbolt 3
      • Can it run external eGPU / external enclosure for PCI-E? Yes
      • Does it support incoming power from external devices to laptop? I am aware it will not power the laptop entirely but to supplement the main power adapter. Does not support incoming, obviously.
      • What is the current limit on it? USB-C mode 5V 3A

    2. The keyboard will turn off on battery after idle but it will not power back up after connecting to AC power. I have to go to Aura settings and apply the last settings. Is there any solution for this? The firmware has been updated to the latest version. Restart "Lighting Service".
    3. On optimus mode the screen will randomly flicker. I am thinking it is a muxing issue between IGP and Nvidia. I had a the same issue with one of my old laptops and bios update fixed that issue. Is there any support place I can report this to? It is an issue existed since HD/UHD 620. Probably an Intel issue since it also exits in Linux OS. The problem does not exist in UEFI screen.

    Edit: Added photo to show the flickering
    Edit2: Marked as solved.
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos flicker.JPG  

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