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    My suggestions to Asus

    If there is someone here who has direct contact with Asus, please report me if a site to give suggestions to Asus exists and/or give this directly to Asus.

    All the laptops I've had before were black. At this point I'm sick of color black in laptops and I don't know why gaming laptops must be black. Since I started looking for a laptop, I found the model Zenbook UX501 vw and that got my attention. The white keyboard and all silver aluminium is fantastic. I found it in a VERY known online store but the "verified purchase" comments from costumers are not good either for UX501 or other Asus products. Then, I searched the official site of Asus but UX501 model is not in stock anymore.

    BUT I found something else, something gorgeous and specially dazzling: Project Precog. Beautifull does not do it justice. The blue color is good in my view since Zenbook 3 blue-golden is in my list too. Other Asus products were golden colored too and I would seriously LOVE a golden aluminium Project Precog. It is one of my suggestions.

    Other aspect is HINGES. In my view it is a SERIOUS mistake to use plastic to screw hinges when you have a COMPLETE pice of aluminium to do it. Have you ever seen inside of devices such as tv's or child toys? How the screws are screwed there? The screws are fastened DIRECTLY with the covers, there are not plastic pieces to do that. Instead, screw thread holes are made directly in the upper covers. Why it has never be done in laptops when hinges are high pressure? THIS IS MY SECOND SUGGESTION.

    A Golden/Silver Zenbook style circles Aluminim Project Precog laptop with equal or more power than a "intel core i7 / i9 2.6 GHz, 16 Gb ram, a really strong graphic card whatever it is, 1 Tb ssd, 12 hours battery, with a STRONG AND DURABLE charger jack and cord, usb3.0 and/or usb c, headphones port, etc, etc" would be my "dream of light" may sound corny but I just want to be sure to invest in a "durable, powerful, gorgeous and dazzling" laptop. This is my wish and my THIRD SUGGESTION. It´s supposed the processor will be "intel movidus"...It ought to be stronger than anything else.

    I hope this helps. Sincerely.

    Akio Saham.
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