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    ASUS N71J - Will not boot

    When I press the power, the light comes on , on the pwr button 2 of the keyboard lights come on and it stays there for 10 secs and shuts back down.

    No LCD, no HDD activity... nothing. Every once in great while it will boot and run ok but will not last.

    I got it to boot once the past 24 hrs and got to the windows loading screen and it froze solid.

    Back to not booting.

    What components could be causing this on the board??? Where should I be focusing on? Is this a failed GPU??

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    Things you can try out:

    • Take out battery leave it out, push the power on button for 30 sec, put the battery back in and turn on.

    • Take out battery leave it out, use the charger for your notebook, turn on.

    • Take out one RAM at the time to see if there is a faulty RAM you're dealing with

    • Take out the HDD and reconnect it.

    If you can access your notebook after one of these tries, update your hardware (Atheros WiFi card, Intel Chipset, ATI/nvidia graphic driver).

    How old is your notebook, and also which version of your notebook do you have? (Ja, Jq, Jv)
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    Hi, when you try the way, how is your NB now?

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