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    FX503VM - Only one fan ramps up under load

    Just bought this laptop last week.

    I have noticed that only one of the fans spins up (right fan) whilst gaming, the left fan stays at the same speed as when the laptop is idling, pretty much silent. This results in very high temperatures when gaming, 88 degrees on the CPU and 90 on the GPU, even though I have undervolted and repasted.
    I have gone into the BIOS and the two fan speeds reported are N/A and ~1800rpm. The N/A fan speed leads me to think there is an issue.

    I'm not sure whether this is an issue that has just occurred after repasting or whether I have only noticed it today and it was like it from the beginning.

    Thanks for any help.

    Update: When starting the laptop with the fan which spins up disconnected, the BIOS reports both fans as N/A, which confirms that the fan which stays at the low rpm is the one normally reporting N/A rpm
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