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    Crosshair VII hero Wifi will not post

    OK guys, I need some help, I have search the forum and the net and I have had no luck at finding anything pointing me in the correct direction.

    My current new build set up is " this after returning parts I thought was broken"

    Asus Crosshair VII Hero Wifi
    AMD Ryzen 2700x with the stock AMD fan
    G.Skill TridentZ 32gig. F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
    Corsair 1000watt power supply
    and a Nivida GTX 750

    I say Current because I started out with a different board and processor.

    before I get to the story, here is my problem. still on the bench and not in a case with just the processor, fan, ram and video card connected to the power supply , the board will light up, I hit the start button on the board and the fan spins a half a turn and nothing happens. Nothing on the Q qode display. If I then hit the reset button a few times , the fans on the processor comes on and I get an Qcode error 8. I have read as much as I could find here and tried everything said, nothing. no change.

    Now let me give you the back history.

    I started with the Crosshair Vi Extreme WiFi paired with the 2700 and the Trident 32 gigs with my old Crosshair H110 water cooler for my old AMD chips, because this board would allow me to use both types of coolers, this is what would happen, I hit start, it would do a half a spin and then I could hit the reset button 7 times and a Q code 8 would show up and a yellow light indicating the ram . So I called ASUS, they told me that the second gen processor had to be updated on the board to get that processor to work. So I usd the flash port on the boar in which you can flash without powering on the board, the board took the flash but same thing. Qcode 8 and yellow ram light. So then they told me to go get different ram because the 32gigs I had was not on the recommended list .

    At this time I thought it was the board, so I go and take the board back and get another New Crosshair VII Hero WiFi board, I then use the AMD fan that came with the processor, when I put it on the bench and fired it up, this time I got a Red light on the board with no Post to bios and no error code. So I took the proessor off and seen I bent one pin just slightly, so I straitened it, put it back together and I hit the start, fand would turn half a turn and then I could hit the reset one time and Q code 8 with a yellow Light ,

    So then I went and purchased a new stick of Ram thinking it was the RAM like ASUS Said.. I went to Frys and had them test my 32 gigs.. in an older machine they say it is fine but buy and 8gig stick of Patriot Viper 2666mhz. PE000562-PVE48G26C6GY. Got home booted it up, Same thing. Hit start, nothing, hit reset one time and it would go to Q code 8

    So I thought, the only thing left is my power supply and processor, so I try another Corsair 800 Watt power supply, same thing.. and a different video card, same thing, it would still turn power on the power supply, all lights come on the board like it is ready, hit start on the baord, fan would budge like power hit it and then do nothing. I then could hit reset on the board and it would go to Q code 8

    So then I go and return the Processor and get a Rysen 2700X bring it home and use the Rysen Fan that came with it, Same thing. Q code 8

    After having the new set up in place.

    Asus Crosshair VII Hero Wifi
    AMD Ryzen 2700x with the stock AMD fan
    G.Skill TridentZ 32gig. F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
    Corsair 1000watt power supply
    and a Nivida GTX 750

    I did do all the normal clearing CMOS , taking battery out , using different ram in different slots, and different video cards in different slots and even tried to flash bios on the new board, but was not ever able to get the bios on the new board to take... not sure if that means anything..

    I am stumped.. HELP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I don't know what else to do but go get another type of board, but I love ASUS,
    Could this still be a problem where I need to get an First Gen Rysen and boot the board with it, then put the Second Gen back in it?


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    No idea what to suggest.

    The Crosshair VI Extreme supports Ryzen gen 2. I have used 2700X with Crosshair VI Hero and no issues TBH.

    The Crosshair VII Hero supports Ryzen gen 2 as well, you don't need a gen 1 CPU to make board post and flash a UEFI which supports gen 2.

    All the motherboards stated in my post support Flashback. You only need to connect power to board, have USB flash stick with correct file and inserted in port, to upgrade the UEFI. You do not even need CPU/RAM/GPU, etc plugged to board to have flashback process work.
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    syldon PC Specs
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    The first 16 qcodes are processes listed before it touches your memory modules. Qcodes are listed mostly in order of use in your manual page A-1. So you can check your system in bits. Remove the memory and you will get a qcode error of 2B, if it gets past CPU initialisation of course. So if you are getting qcode 8 error, it hasn't reached any other hardware yet. The only thing it has tested is the bios microcode process, and then made its first request to the CPU for information.

    The only thing you can do with Qcode 8 is verify that the bios revision is flashed correctly. I had a very similar error with my first CH6 board. The advice from Asus support was to flash the bios with the following method.

    1.Check your CPU for bent pins, contamination etc.
    2. Reflash the bios using a safe flashback method.
    3. That means remove all components from the board. Only connect power cables before starting the flashback process. That is with no CPU, memory or GPU.
    4. Remove the power cable from the PSU.
    5. Reset bios to default by removing the Cmos battery for five minutes with the power cable out.
    6. Flashback one time, and then reset bios to defaults by removing the battery again.
    7. Flashback a second time.

    As an extra I would only test the system with only the CPU installed and no memory module. This should result in an error code beyond Qcode 8. If you get error 2B, then you know it has received the right information from the CPU. So then reboot with one memory module installed.

    If you are still receiving a qcode 8 fault, then it is either the CPU or the main board at fault. RMA or test on another system.
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    raviharshil27 PC Specs
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    Hi, Any updates on this, I have similar configurations and i get the same problem. Not sure what to do now.

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