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    A53SV: RMA did not fix the problem

    On Dec 31st, I purchased a new laptop (A53SV) with at GT540m graphics card. The card never worked; it runs temperatures over 100 degrees within 10 or so seconds of being activated, which seems to be not an uncommon problem (for example, here). After some back-and-forth with support, they gave me an RMA (which took three tries, but that's another story), so I sent the computer in for repair. It came back yesterday with a checklist saying that the issue was duplicated and that they replaced the system board. However, when I started it up this morning, the problem is clearly not fixed. The NVIDIA GPU is still unusable, temps go over 100 degrees right away.

    I really need to get this issue fixed by the end of the month, since I am moving to Germany on 2/27 (I'm in Washington DC now) and will need this for work. I'm hesitant to just send the computer in for repair again without some kind of guarantee the problem actually gets fixed, and also assurance that it gets returned to me before I leave the country. I'd also prefer that it be at ASUS's expense, since the laptop never worked properly. Does anyone experienced with ASUS support know how best to go about this?

    Thanks for reading and for any help you can provide.

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