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    Issues with a Zenith Extreme board, freezing OLED, random restarts, USB hang-ups.

    Forgive me if I created this in the wrong section. Ok, so, I have an issue, among others, with my Zenith Extreme. The OLED display that is embedded in the rear IO shroud randomly seems to freeze on a value(this value can be anything, it's just the value at the time it froze) and then either clear itself after some time or not until the next power cycle.

    Other, maybe related, issues are that my machine will randomly reset as if either of the reset buttons(case or onboard) have been pressed, without warning. This restart can occur multiple times a day, once per day, or can go many days without an issue, also while in use and while idle. Also, randomly, all USB communication seems to hiccup. This is most evident on my Corsair K70 with the LED lighting effects for the current profile glitching slightly in that a couple of random keys(clustered together) that have not been activated(type lighting and a ripple effect) will trigger their lighting effect. Also in the same vein, my case has nine ThermalTake RIING Plus fans set on a chaser-like effect called "ripple" where LEDs activate one after another in an effect that travels around the ring of the fan, but because the fan controllers require a constant USB connection to drive the effect, when this USB hiccup seems to happen, the LEDs all freeze in their current position for a second, then the effect will resume, and may or may not freeze again for another second(it varies) then resume again.

    Attached below, are two images that were taken seconds apart. The OLED display has been frozen on 27 degrees for the better part of 3 hours at a minimum now. There is also a third image, and this third image is indicative, I believe(as I've never observed it personally as this all happens randomly), of the hang-up I notice in USB devices that could be further reaching than just the USB issue. The reported temperature drops to -27 - from 40 degrees - instantly then reverts back.

    Some pertinent information in all this, I originally thought my 1080 Ti's were to blame - I own three with two in SLI and a third was bought to rule out another issue a while back with an Aorus board, so I have dropped to one(tested with all three), but the restart issue still occurs. I also thought my Thermaltake 1250W iRGB PSU could be the fault, but my Silverstone 860W Platinum - taken from a fully functioning and without issue launch-built 1700X/C6H machine - also has this happen on it. The RAM from the same machine was also tested(32GB G.SKill Ryzen-specific), with no observable difference.

    It should be noted that the 1950X in this board has been dropped once, and when it landed it landed on an extraneous piece of metal from the Thermaltake Core P7 case I'm using, but the only damage was a tiny chip from the very edge on the very, very topmost PCB layer and is a fraction of a millimeter deep. The CPU was dropped before I switched from the Aorus board to the Zenith Extreme(as I was also having the USB/LED related issues which I believe to be a fault from the CPU being dropped) but the random power-cycle restart is a new issue that has only been a problem since the Zenith board.

    I'm working on replacing the CPU and I'll likely offload one of my Ti's to front the cost for that as it cannot be replaced by warranty obviously, but I'm mostly wanting to know, and am concerned by, if this power-related issue on the Zenith means I'll have to RMA this board or if everything could be coming back to the CPU only and any problem should be rectified with a new one of those. Unfortunately, a Threadripper to borrow for verification is not really a possibility for me, as far as I know, as nobody I know really cares for AMD or builds their own systems either at all or at the same level(aka Threadripper) as the $12k AUD in my machine currently. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    What BIOS are you on and have you tried any others?

    How have you tested the RAM? The sudden shutdowns sound very like RAM problems...Are you running a single quad channel kit? or combining kits? What kit exactly? The RAM you have in your specs is not AMD is mostly Intel qualified...the blurb mentions AMD compatibility once but in a very vague way...

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