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    Very big dual-boot problem with Asus ROG Strix GL703GS SCAR Bios !! Help me guys !!

    Hello Guys,
    I have upgraded from N550JV to Asus ROG Strix GL703GS SCAR. It came with hibrid HDD, 256 GB SSD (on PCI express) and 1TB HDD.
    Beside the fact that the cooling fans are always on medium load (witch is weird) I have this very BIG problem with BIOS, I will try to explain what I try to do and also upload photos.
    So, at first I took out the 1tb hdd and replace it with the 256 ssd from my N550JV, win 1o preinstalled.
    Rebooted the rog, entered windows, all ok so far, it sees the second ssd.
    Rebooted again to select boot the other ssd (I want to keep working on my old ssd and the original for games). Hit ESC, enter bios, I see the ssd but cannot add it to boot option...
    Made the standard steps, disable secure boot but I does not seems to have CSM.... save and exit, no CSM...
    Disable fast boot, save, exit, same thing, no CSM.
    Tried to put the 1TB hdd and install win 10. I have the USB stick with win on it, plugged the use, hit esc and I have only one option to boot. The original ssd.
    If my Win 10 fails... how do I reinstall it on my system???

    Photo 1: you can see the usb present with win 10 and the 1 tb hdd
    Photo 2: the ssd, located on the motherboard, PCIE
    Photo 3: Boot priority: only the ssd option, cannot add usb stck or second hdd
    Photo 4: Secure boot disable
    Photo 5: Cannot see usb, hdd in that section, CSM NOT present
    Photo 6: CSM missing from advanced menu
    Photo 7: Cannot see the usb on easy flash... lol...
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