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    You guys must test your adaptive settings, and check if "aware adaptive" is on, if that is on, doesn't matter what you do the cpu will demand and MB will deliver. almost always overshoots.

    But test the settings, for example: I have my adaptive set to 1.000 negative offset to 0.100 for a total of 0.900, it works in bios but in windows I have 1.16 - 1.18 under load and goes to 1.200 sometimes (just a spike) but there is no amps being drawn at 1.2 so it doesn't matter.

    that is the settings I have tested my way too. in the beginning I had up to 1.43 volts with adaptive settings way lower. and it has nothing to do with LLC. it is just different quality parts for each board and settings being different for different quality silicon. that's why everyone has to test their way or you could destroy something.

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