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    Question Asus M/B Offset and Adaptive Voltage mode: Voltage Spikes

    I've read tons of threads all over the internet with such a name (or close to it), but I've not found at least suitable answer or solution to this issue (exept for chit chats, "i dunno dude, I was just passing by" sort)

    I have 8700K with maximus x hero system. CPU is capable of 4.8 GHz at 1.24V, 4.9 at 1.3, 5.0 at 1.355, 5.1-5.2 over 1.4V, uncore ~4.5GHz at every step, no AVX offset. Every mark, every clock step I've tested gradually last 4 months, and I'm 200% sure it Is stable at those clocks with voltage mentioned. In addition, I've used manual voltage and LLC6 for additional stability, IA lines are set to 0.01.

    Target is 5.0GHz
    The problem is - I can't get stable OC and voltage while using offset and adaptive. Unlike manual voltage, adaptive and offset makes max load voltage fluctuate at 0.05V range. So either I have unstable OC with 1.312-1.328V constant supply with spikes up to 1.36V, or I have stable OC, but with spikes up to 1.408-1.424V.
    The problem becomes more complicated under heavy workloads (e.x. BF1). These spikes get more rapid - I could even say that 50% of time CPU gets more excessive voltage.

    However, it's not enough to utilize stable OC with lowered voltage - for e.x., suggesting spikes go 50% of workload time and even more, I could lower voltage below stability point, achieving sweet spot between spikes and undervoltage - but it doesn't work, OC is not stable!

    So what is it about? Why voltage is so unstable while using adaptive and offset? How can I solve this problem? Even if it cannot be fixed while under load, maybe there is some way to decrease these spikes, at least to 0.01V mark?

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