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    C7H 2700x and Corsair 3333 @ 3333 (2x16GB) on BIOS 401 good, 804 not so much

    Greets. ITs been a while since I rocked a desktop and for varying reasons, I built one using the C7H wifi. I read about memory quirks common to the Ryzen platform, especially for the 1xxx series chip and x370 chipsets wit h the earliest BIOS revs. I knew that not going by the QVL could be problematic but I bought what I felt like anyway. Among the items were:

    C7H WiFI
    Corsair 2x16GB 3333 Vengeance LED ram
    Seasonic Prime 1000w

    Long story short. With the shipped BIOS, memory clocks up fine, loaded windows-n-sundries, ran Prime 95 for several hours:small fFt while watching temps and clocks in hwinfo; everything looked great. Loaded a couple of games and and successfully played for a bit. Then I decided to load the latest BIOS. Board shipped with BIOS rev. 509. BIOS I elected to load up was revision 804. Everything seemed fine until I decided to play a little more in a game. The system ran in game for several minutes and then hard shut down. Hard shut down defined as one moment everything is running great, the next everything loses power except for the motherboard heatsinks powered by standby power and the only way to power the system back on is to disconnect from AC/throw the power switch on the back of the PSU and wait for the PSU caps to run down. Thinking this was no ordinary thermal event or powere delivery issue I brought it back up, ran prime95 again and within 30 seconds it crashed hitting a max Tdieof 67C, CPU + SoC chip power of 115w in hwinfo.

    The noticed core speeds, temp, and power were in line with bios rev 509. So I loaded up the old rev and here I am typing on the machine with prime 95 running in the background just for fun. Should I email this quirk to Asus' support team? I would like to think that if I run into a problem or want to upgrade in the future that requires a new BIOS that I can flash in a new BIOS and have everything run well.

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