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    List of problems and disappointments with Z370 Pro Gaming

    Previously, I had an asus sabertooth board.
    I was hoping that the asus tuf series could be considered a replacement, or upgrade of that board.


    The back IO plate is basically made out of ultra light foil/a pepsi can at best. This was a big downgrade from the sabertooth plate.
    Should I really have to worry about bending cheap metal when installing the board, or bending various areas of the pepsi can into place just to install the board?
    If the cheap pepsi can bends at all during shipment, good luck putting your board into the pepsi can without shaping it.

    The board arrived in a non-sealed box (from newegg). Asus seemed unsure if the box should have been sealed or not. How much would it cost to seal the box, to remove doubt of returns/tampering?

    My understanding (now) is that the motherboards ship without a seal. OK fine. I installed it.
    VERY disappointing boot time. Some the delay is pre-boot/asus related. The NVMe boot is slower than it should be also, as in slower than my previous gen/nand/non-m2 SSD.
    All of the benchmarks/etc for the m2 are fine. Seems that the provided drivers are slow/incompatible with windows 10, or the bios is not ready yet.
    This is a FRESH install of windows 10, with NO issues showing in the device manager.
    Yes, the intel rapid storage is enabled both in the OS, and in the BIOS.

    I installed the newest BIOS right away, so let's move on to the download page for this board.

    -Realtek audio suite - renders front headphones port useless, even when it's turned on in the settings.
    An uninstall of the driver fixed it.

    -The LAN driver linked by asus essentially stops the ability to use sleep mode on the computer on this hardware.
    The computer sleeps, and then wakes up immediately.

    Upon checking with some commands, it was the nic waking up the computer.
    When I turned off "wake on lan, " in the driver, it stopped. I probably should have just uninstalled the driver.
    There is nothing on my network trying to wake the computer.
    Also had a number of Bluescreens - 9f when coming out of sleep mode. Not entirely sure, but I believe I resolved this by unchecking wake on lan also. Have not seen the bluescreen since then.

    -The LED program does not open at ALL. It crashes immediately. I forget the name of the program, but it's not worth naming since it's a piece of garbage.
    What is this even doing in the downloads section for this board? Yes, I've tried all of the "try draining power, and turning your computer off and back on" fixes for this software.
    Tried 3 installations of it. Does not open, crashes immediately.

    -Chipset - This is arguably the only one you should install, although I wonder if just using an intel tool would be better.

    Also found a totally ridiculous messages when enabling XMP in the bios.

    It is a "yes or no" confirmation, that says something confusing, like this:

    "if yes u turn on xmp but may need cmos back to default setting"
    "if you want overclock cpu with cooler then press no"

    What?! The yes/no was so confusing, that I didn't even want to press "no."
    Who knows what this board would have tried to do with my CPU.

    I ended up just rebooting, but it sounded like "yes" might do what I wanted, and "no" would do what I didn't want (overclock the CPU, when enabling a memory setting).
    It seems to be very poorly written english. I ended up finally going with "yes," but what a joke.

    Sad to see that product quality has gone down. This is really not a suitable replacement for what I had before.
    I post this not just to complain, but hopefully help save some time for others.

    The boot time remains unresolved, but I'm almost positive that it is an issue with this board or the provided drivers.

    Also, the "i am not a robot" portion of this page is annoying garbage.

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