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    Has anyone tried nonreference GPU in G20?

    Lately I've been interested in another GPU upgrade from the 980 to the 1080 ti. Funny enough, because of the larger volume of non reference cards in my area they are actually cheaper than reference cards! So I was wondering if anyone has some insight and experience in using a nonreference card in the G20 that they could share. How were temperatures? What did you do to make things work?

    I have found this thread about someone using a nonreference 1070 successfully but with a modified chassis. But not much on specific modifications. Other than that, not much else I could find.
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    Ideal world would be to fit the founders edition card as the pushing of heat out of the rear of the card is far better then open design, which will only push it out where it can, this will cause not only the GPU and CPU to run a little higher then the founders edition, plenty of people on the forms have all ready fitted non-founders edition and maybe on one of their post their have better feedback.

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