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    Exclamation 240hz for Asus g752vs GTX 1070 fps drops, ram

    So hello there. I actually wanted to buy a 240hz Monitor for my pretty mich high end gaming laptop. Im playing right now only fortnite and sometimes CSGO and warface. My Laptops screen is right now 120hz and g sync and before this laptop I had a pc with the pg248q monitor and the monitor was really smooth and much better than this laptop screen but the only problem is that my laptop mostly cant push above 220fps in Fortnite or even in csgo. I already had a ram problem with my old laptop and now I really wonder if I upgrade the ram to dual channel 2x8gb if my FPS will go up and be more consistent also I have most of the times fps drops normally I get 180+ but it really drops in fights and in some demanding areas and that makes literally no sense because the gtx 1070 should be more than enough to go for 200+fps and mostly it should because Im playing on the lowest settings possible. So is there a way that could hold my pc back like some asus programs or should I buy another 4 or 8gb ram stick and try this for reaching more often the 200fps and it would not really worth the money for the 240hz or am I wrong.*

    I appreciate any help. Thanks*

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