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    AI Suite <-> Fan Xpert: Fan speed issue

    I have problem with fans rapidly kicking in full speed without any known reason. They just randomly throttle to the max without any reason. It could be when PC is idle, when it's under load - whatever it could be, fans just push to the max, though a moment ago they just worked silently. Temps can be idle (33-43C) or high load (50-55C), doesn't matter, the glitch comes out. Fans can work flawlessly for a week, or they can glitch dozens of times per one day.
    I don't know what causes it, or how long this bug lives - fans can kick in for 1-3 seconds and drop down the speed to set numbers again, or they can work at full speed forever until I manuaally stop or change any option via fan xpert.

    Problem occurs only when Fan Xpert is used (unproven, but I have strong feeling about that, because no issues when UEFI Qfan utility is used).

    As for fans - ATM, I use 6 nb eloops, connected to 2nd and 3rd cha_fan via 4pin splitter, 1 by 3. Before, I used 6 vardars, each connected separately, 4 of them I've connected with 1->2 splitter after a while. All this time I had such a problem. I had this problem before Spectre/Meltdown, with AI Suite temporary fault, and afterwards.
    MB is X hero.

    Using Qfan only is not a variant, because ASUS is a joke here because of 75C limit and aabsence of GPU bind. I have silent custom loop with CPU thrown at 5 GHz at high voltage, so I can't decrease time-to-time spikes up to 79C. That is said, Qfan is no go variant for me. Xpert has an option to break 75C limit, plus, it has an option to bind fan speed to GPU temps - the most intensively used piece of hardware in my PC.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

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