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    Can i use newer version of ai suite 3 provided from other motherboard ?

    My mother is maximus vi hero. Asus provided windows 8 but no windows 10 support.

    I found that newer motherboard has ai suite 3 windows 10 support. Could i download and use it ?

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    AI Suite versions differ for each platform, so please use only the software available from the support page for your specific product.

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    With as many versions of AISUITEIII packages that you continually release that are completely broken going back as far as at least six years you should be making it universal across all boards, at least boards using the same sensors! For you to tell us to stick with crap that crashes & conflicts with our programs that are coded properly is not right.

    If you cant fix it then scrap AISUITEIII and hire someone that knows what they are doing and start from scratch. These forums are inundated with AISUITEIII defects and install issues and yet you do nothing about it!!!
    Except rerelease another version of DIP5 occasionally and fragment the packages all over our motherboard drivers pages.
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