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    Problems with new system (C7H + 2700x)

    Hi, i recently built a computer and while it works pretty well ive found 2 different problems with it.

    1.- Sometimes at boot it won't past through Asus ROG screen. With 3 different Q-Codes, 9C, A0, and b4 (or64?¿?) last one its the one that appears the most.

    2.- Sometimes, while playing or watching youtube i get a small hang with distorted audio (around 1-2 seconds long), and after it happens, every time i open CPU-Z or HWMonitor it hangs (on CPUZ it hangs on PCI). I've tried a lot of things, but i can't get what's causing it. I can't even reproduce the hangs in order to do proper testing. Things i've tried:
    - 3 Different nvidia drivers versions.
    *- Tried both with XMP on and off.
    - Updated Bios to 0804 from 0402.
    - Passed Memtest for 3 hours without any problem, and another memory tester from inside windows for another 2 hours, no problems detected.
    - Chskdsk gives no errors on any of the disks
    - Uninstalled chipset drivers.
    - sfc /scannow found no errors.
    - Disabled VSS service. This was curious, as when i disabled it after an error *and opened cpu-z the hang did not occur (and it always occurs after i get a random hang, until i restart)
    *- Disabled super fetch. Didn't actually get a screen hang (at least not while i was using the computer) but cpu-z still crashed.*

    I can't narrow it to what it could be. Before i disabled superfetch there were some ESENT events with code 916, now it seems like those errors are not there anymore but i get nvidia drivers crashes.

    Man im so happy with the performance of this computer but im thinking about returning it all as a whole and getting a 8700k. So much headaches....
    *Thank you in advance!

    EDIT: Computer specs

    Ryzen 2700x
    Crosshair VII Hero
    GSKILL tridentz rgb 3200 cl16
    Samsung evo 970 m2 ssd
    ROG GTX 1080
    Crucial 128gb ssd
    Corsair RMx 650W*
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