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    Contrast changing on G751

    Hi all,
    I'm really hoping that someone can give me a helping hand on this one. I've had my G751 for 3 years now and in the last week or so, I've noticed that the contrast would randomly change on the monitor. This is regardless of if I have the colour settings to be based on the application I'm using, or if I'm getting the Nvidia control panel to over ride everything.

    Curiously, I've managed to whittle it down to the fact that if something connects, or is disconnected to the laptop, be it via USB or Bluetooth, it'll bump down the contrast. I tried to record it in Camtasia and the effect couldn't be seen. The only way to get around this issue is to go into Splendid and change the colour mode back to Vivid, which will make it look like it did before. It might not sound like much, but to have light greys becoming a lot darker, it really does go for my eyes.

    Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. I have tried updating the Nvidia drivers, and it didn't help, so I rolled back to a driver from a few months ago and it still doesn't resolve the issue. I find it out that devices connecting to the laptop would result in this. I have also disabled the adaptive brightness feature in the power plan settings. I'm running on Windows 10 64 bit, everything is up to date and the GPU is the GTX970M.

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    Not sure how much it can help, but if you're interested and haven't seen it, thought you may want to check the older thread below to see if there are any ideas that can help.
    Feel free to let us know if there are still problems though and you're still looking for suggestions.

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    Reinstall Win10? ;3

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    Splendid was installed when you first got your G751JT/Y/L... it was most probably also enabled as default.
    Splendid controls/change the color profile of the screen - it based on some ICM config files that you can use on win10 as well ( AFAIK, you don't have to install splendid for using it as windows got it own color profile setup screen that can load that profile ).

    Please note that win10 got a "night light" mode ( against blue light in the night ), that might change the screen color without you noticing it - so you might want to disable it completely.

    Lastly, if your screen saw a lot of sun, or is simply plain old ( no matter how "new" is the FLAT tech it is based on ), its colors get dull after some years... ( depends on use, burnin effects etc.. ).

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback on this.

    I had a look at the thread you mentioned, @cl-albert, but the consensus there was that the latest Nvidia drivers sorted the issue.

    @gps3dx, I had actually thought it was the night light that might be causing that but it was already turned off.

    Even if I go to change to one of the other colour profiles in the colour management app, it results in the same, darkening effect on the screen when I turn off the Bluetooth or plug in/unplug a usb device.

    I thought it might have been part of some visual notification in place of sound being played but I've got that function turned off anyway.

    It might end up being a reinstall after all.

    Edit- After going into the colour manangement software, I had to plug in a pen drive to save some files and I received the error message "he devices pages has been refreshed due to a hardware change"
    Reading from that, I believe it's thinking that any device attaching to the laptop needs its own colour profile and it resetting the one currently in use.
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