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    Exclamation Sonic Studio 3 Stopped working for me also after playing Overwatch

    At first, I thought it was my CPU and GPU overheating due to the game making wired sounds and lagging so I fixed that I even installed software to monitor the temperature of both the CPU and GPU during gameplay and notice that the temperature was at 56C to 70C which is normal. So after doing some research, I came across this thread and it describes everything that I have been having issues with. But let me point something out so the sound quilty was bad before but didn't know that it was Asus sonic studio 3 that was causing the problem until a few days ago I decided to use the software for the first time and for some miracle it was working but there were a few times that the speakers lost the sound of the game and started to make weird sounds, while playing Overwatch it kept doing it off and on until it did it for the last time and I was never able to control the sound quilty through sonic studio 3. however it works when I plug in headset into computer but there was this one time when I unplug it during a match in Overwatch and it closed the game weird I just wanted to point that out if that helps to further find a solution.

    I have tried updating the software Sonic Studio 3 ver to Sonic Studio 3 ver. I even updated the Sonic Radar 3 to ver but nothing I am still with the same issue having low sounds for Overwatch
    I ended Uninstalling and reinstalling the original version that came with my laptop but nothing and now Sonic Radar 3 lunches and crushes every time I try opening it.

    So if it is not CPU or GPU overheating and if updating it doesn't fix the problem than I don't know what is causing it.
    I did somewhere that Windows 10 can the problem be conflicting with Sonic Studio 3 since they both try to direct sounds but I don't I am just putting what I have been reading.

    One more thing and no this person that made this thread isn't the only one with the issue it's just that we sometimes we dont think that software like Sonic Studio 3 could be causing the problem so we blame the game or the CPU or GPU for the problems we are facing.

    My Specs for Laptop are Asus Rog Strix GL503VD With BIOS 310 Intel Core i7 7700HQ Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

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