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    G20AJ i5-4460 + GTX 1050 = 180w power supply?

    Hi guys,
    I did a fair amount of searching but couldn't find anything similar to my situation.
    I recently got a great deal on a used g20aj with the i3 ,GTX 745 and single 180w power supply.
    Since it was a good deal, I got it for daily light use and not gaming until a friend recently wanted me to play PUBG with him.

    I know that the i3 and 745 would probably provide a miserable experience so I tried to source used parts to upgrade.
    It's been about 10 years since I've tinkered with PCs and just assumed the power supply had enough juice to run a more powerful GPU and CPU.

    I found some good deals on a i5 4460 and a MSI GTX 1050. I threw the components in and fired it up. No issues . The GPU is a non reference model so i monitored temps and both CPU and GPU hit around mid 60s while gaming. The PC appears to run perfectly fine with just the 180w supply.

    Am I pushing my luck running this on a 180w supply ? Should I order the 230w to be safe?
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    Hi! I would like to know how's your rig doing with the new GTX 1050 in it?

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    I have a 1050ti in my computer right now.

    for reference I've never had any power issues.*

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