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    sonic studio 3 with SPIF connector - no equalizer - no settings to customize sounds

    please help me!

    recently i bought a asus strix z370-g motherboard which costs more than 180€
    it has a supremefx s1220 realtek chip onboard.
    i installed the asus sonic III application because i need an equalizer for my soundsettings
    i want to boost my bass when i use the headset etc.
    it was hard for me to find out that asus disabled all soundsettings in the sonic III
    when using the spif connector. errormessage: "Sonic Studio does not support the current default audio device"
    after that really bad experience i tried the realtek driver form the microsoft catalog
    because i wanted back the realtek hd audio manager - this application i used also on my old asus motherboard
    it has a buildin equalizer - this is all i need.
    after installation the realtek icon was in the taskbar - but when i click on it, it seems that a branded
    version of hd audio mangager opens - without equalizer i can only change some connection settings.

    if nothing fix this problem i have to buy a pci-e soundcard because i need this equalizer.
    i have also tried some equalizer application from the internet - all are bad! f.e. apo equalizer

    i want to have the full version of the realtek hd audio manager with the equalizer - is that possible???
    registry hack? or delete some branded settings file?
    one picture shows what i get (branded) and the other picture shows what i would like to have...
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos hdbrand.png  


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