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    GL702ZC FPS drop at online games

    Hi everyone.

    I started a thread a couple days ago beacuse I suffered FPS drops in games, like WoW, and Fortnite, but I didn't tried to play offline games. Well, now i did, and realised, I just get these FPS drops when I play online games.
    For example, WoW always sufferes from FPS drops, but when I play GTA V, it runs pretty good at very high settings, but, when I go in the online mode of GTA V, the FPS drops start. In Fortnite i have the same issue.

    I tried it with Diablo III too, and I think Diablo III requires more hardware than WoW, and it runs splendid too.

    So, the only answer i found is that it just happens when i play online games. I tried to reinstall the Ethernet drivers and the WLAN drivers, and it doesn't worked, and I tried to turn off the firewall and it just maked it wors than before.

    Does anyone have a clue what it could be?


    EDIT: I forgot to say that the internet conection is stable, and I tried with direct connection with Ethernet and with WiFi and with Ethernet it runs betten than with WiFi, I mean, i haven't that much FPS drops. But I don't suffer lag, in WoW, i play in a Vanilla SV, not in the official, and i have around 70 ping, wich is normal in that SV.
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