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    Maximus X Hero - SSD very hot (>70C!) - Samsung 970 Pro 1TB NVMe

    I have this SSD installed in the main SSD slot, with both the thermal pad and heatsink supplied by Asus on, and the drive (obviously) screwed down.

    The drive ("Drive Temperature 2" in HWInfo64) is hitting >70C playing FPS games (eg DOOM 2016) and then, even after stopping the game, sits in the high 60s while doing low-intensity stuff (69C as I write this post, no other processes going on, 0% disk usage in task manager). SSD hits 80C in a single Crystal DiskMark run.

    Note, I left the Samsung sticker on, as the 970 Pro uses a copper based sticker/label. Every review site says to leave it on - although I'm not sure that's the right thing to do when you then put a thermal pad and a heatsink on top of it.

    Is this a Samsung 970 Pro SSD issue or an Asus mobo issue...? Seems awfully high! Any guidance much appreciated.

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