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    FPS is capped at 30 when playing in window fullscreen (GL535ve)

    So the dumbest thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I am a huge mmorpg fan and 90% of my gaming time I spend playing WoW. Bought this new laptop so that I could finally enjoy this game with no lag. Unfortunately a few weeks ago they released a new patch and with it, they removed the real Fullscreen option. Now I am forced to play in windowed fullscreen and its terrible. To make it more clear, few days before the patch, while playing in native fullscreen i had around 120FPS, after patch(windowed fullscreen) my FPS is capped to 30. No matter what graphics settings I use, low or high, it does not go above 30FPS. It has to be because of that right? I can play gta 5, withcer 3 or batman: AK no problems with at least 60FPS.

    I tried multiple things including:

    Disabling vsync in game and nvidia settings;
    Updating graphics drivers;
    Disabling xbox dvr and all that stuff;
    Windows is up to date;
    Monitor is set to 60Hz(only option);

    Nothing helped me so I am writing here. Maybe someone will know the answer?

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