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    Sound Problem After Overclocking


    I post here because my pc has sound glitch since I overclocked it. The problem occurs when I listen to music, game or movie / video. In addition, videos and sound are sometimes out of sync by 1 - 2 seconds.

    I recorded 4 excerpt in which the problem occurs:

    I made several attempts to fix the problem, but nothing worked. Update of all the drivers, bios, full formatting of the pc, uninstall gpu tweak.

    Asus sent me an RMA so that their tech tests the motherboard. The problem is that oddly, the problem may not occur for a few days and start again a few days later, so it may not happen during their tests. Before dismantling my pc, I would like to know if anyone would have an idea of ​​what might be causing this.

    Windows 10
    I7 7700K
    Asus Z270E Gaming
    Asus Strix 1080TI
    2X8 GB Ram

    Thank you for your help

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